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Merry + Bright Plastic Stemless Wine Glass

Your kids are running around and your fur baby doesn't understand that your glass isn't a play toy. You need something sturdy. --> this beauty is made of SHATTERPROOF PLASTIC! 

You hate doing dishes more than anyone --> you guessed it ... it's TOP SHELF DISHWASHER SAFE too!

You are hosting your friends and family a lot this Christmas + need a FESTIVE glass that can be used at EVERY PARTY --> this beauty is REUSABLE! 

You care about your body and what you put in it --> this plastic is BPA FREE 

Enjoy the pretty design, stick it in the dishwasher when you're done and save it for next time! 

Bring PRETTY, FESTIVE + EASY to your Christmas!

Treat yourself! Each festive glass comes beautifully packaged --> because who doesn't love a present?


"Merry + Bright" Plastic Stemless Wine Glass

Hand-Lettered by Full Heart Co

Your Christmas is busy with lots of family, friends, and kids. You need a glass that can be used by everyone. This SHATTERPROOF PLASTIC glass solves that. Fill your glass with cranberry ginger ale, punch or wine.

To keep enjoying the festivities you need a glass that makes your trips to the kitchen less frequent. This "Merry + Bright" glass fits up to 12 ounces.

Curl up and sip your favorite drink from your favorite glass throughout the Christmas season!

Bring PRETTY, FESTIVE + EASY to your Christmas!

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