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Be Real Not Perfect

You love seeing the pretty design but you want to show it off too --> the design is on BOTH sides. 

Your kids are running around and your e-mail inbox is overflowing SO your coffee always gets cold --> this beauty is MICROWAVE SAFE.

You hate doing dishes more than anyone --> you guessed it ... it's  DISHWASHER SAFE too!

Enjoy the pretty design, show it off, heat up your coffee and stick it in the dishwasher when you're done. 

Treat yourself! Each coffee mug comes beautifully packaged --> because who doesn't love a present?


This mug was designed because I struggle with this. I am a certified perfectionist! For a long time I thought a 2.0 version of Lindsay was the only acceptable version. As a result --> my life was consumed with striving. I left no room for grace.

Girl --> give yourself the same grace you give others + remember the grace the Lord gives you. The world needs more of your authentic beautiful self --> not a cookie cutter version of someone else.

I hope this mug serves as a beautiful reminder to you of just that --> "Be Real Not Perfect"


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